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: sure. jon: a lot more news to get to in our second hour of "happening now." hello i'm jon scott. patti ann: i'm patti ann brown in for jenna lee. in the fox news room happening now a chilling new warning for air travelers. the government warning airlines that terrorists may try to surgically implant explosives into humans to take down passenger jets. joining us now the author of the next wave on the hunt for al-qaida's american recruits. she's our own national correspondent, catherine herridge. she is live with the breaking story in washington. what have we learned about the intelligence. >> reporter: the threat information that led to the tsa warning has a signature of al-qaida and al-qaida in the arabian peninsula this was the group that targeted the united states the last two times. the bomb maker was a saudi who sources tell fox was also behind the cargo printer bomb platte last fall. in both cases they used a nonmetallic explosive that defies conventional screening procedures and that let to the controversial pat-down policy by the tsa at the air force. our reporting has shown tha
foundation and host of the alan colmes show, fox news radio, alan colmes, i'm jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. >> oh, my god, it's a stunning verdict. >> the devil is dancing tonight. >> speechless, absolutely speechless. this baby died before her ti time. >> jon: that was just a sampling of the media reaction on the casey anthony trial to florida, casey acquitted of course on first degree murder charges, sentenced to four years on thursday for lying to the investigators during that case. but, she got credit for time served and good behavior. however, her lawyer, cheney mason was none too pleased with the media during that trial. >> they hung her here daily for two and a half years, every channel, every outlet in this community and throughout the state and i suspect around the country, was convinced she's guilty, this is all just rah-rah. >> jon: all right, are we in the media guilty as charged? judy? >> well, i think there are a few cement commenttators should think about their roles on tv the nancy grace came in for particular for-- says she's em blattic, the devil is danci
green. i'm jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. have you heard of media matters for america? it's an anti-conservative organization funded by a guy or founded, i should say, by a guy named david brock with this stated mission. media matters for america is a web-based not for profit 501 c3 progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively mon advertising and progressive resear research-- monitoring and analyze and correcting conservative misinformation in the media. the government has strict rules about organizations like that. and the liberal advocacy group appears to be in violation of those rules. james rosen has more. >> thanks for watching-- >> perhaps fox news harshest severest critic is media matters for america. mma. a d.c. group founded in 2003 by former reporter david brock conservative turned liberal and funded in part by billionaire george soros. in documents filed that o-the group described itself as charitable and educational and counter viewpoints in the media the rights of the wealthy and christian influence ideology, unquote. >> you may adv
show on fox news radio alan colmes. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now. here is look at the final edition of news of the world, a tabloid paper published in the united kingdom and billed as the world' largest selling newspaper. that ended when rupert murdoch closed the paper over growing scandal because of hacked phone messages of celebrities. members of the royal family, politicians and 13-year-old girl who was abducted and killed in 2002. that story was first reported by a competing tabloid, the guardian, claiming news of the world journalists allegedly deleted voice mails on the child's phone to make room for more messages. as a result the girl's family falsely believed she was checking her messages. other accusations claimed news of the world employees hacked voice mails of victims of the 2005 london bombings, soldiers killed in afghanistan and iraq and other child victims. law enforcement are investigating a host of allegations including news of the world employees tried to bribe police for investigation on potentially news worthy stories. on friday, rebecca broo
, fellow new american foundation and new york post columnist kirsten powers. i'm jon scott and fox news watch is on right now. ♪ >> a lot of people have different agendas, i think, in trying to build this hysteria. all our competitors in this country formally announced the consortium to try and stop us and caught us with-- >> the news corporation chairman rupert murdoch and james murdoch informing in front of a parliamentary committee investigating the news the world phone hacking scandal in the usa. rebecca brooks, former executive chief at news international also answered questions from the same committee and she was arrested sunday in relation to the phone hacking and bribery aleses. miss brooks was released without being charged. both sections receiving major media coverage in the u.k. and here in the states and we should note that news corporation is the parent company of fox news channel. rich, let me start with you. we heard the sound bite from rupert murdoch during the testimony, saying, hey, this is getting the attention it's getting because of our competitors who would love
of pictures. one is 5' away recognizing that handsome face of jon scott and record it every muscle feature and wrinkle that you have. and this is another picture they take from 6" that is intrusive that will identify your iris and our irlists are unique as our our finger presents open open. do we want police coming up to people on the street and taking pictures of our face and iris. >> it was developed in the military so if someone pulls to a check point in baghdad, and they can do a facial recognition scan on this person, and see if they might be retained. >>judge napolitano: do we want the the military techniqueo the streets of new york city and how will private individuals react? the last thing the police want is for someone to take their picture. >>john: but if i have in the done anything wrong, why would i care? >> because you care about your personal dignity and living in a society where the people are not if your face wherever you go. would it be easier for the police to take wherever we are to stop us on a whim? of course, for them. but would wants to live in such a society? doing
her fate. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. "the fox report" starts now. >> members of the jury, you may retire now to begin your deliberations. >> after weeks of battling, the lawyers got in their parting shots. >> there is nothing that is wrong with casey anthony that can't be explained using two words -- pathological liar. >> if you find casey anthony not guilty, they have not proved her guilt. >> now, it is for the jurors to decide. casey's fate is in their hands and her future is in the air. tonight, a potential life for death decision for the woman accused of murder. >>> plus, restoring a flag that flew at ground zero. >> we are going to have some where between 20,000, maybe 30,000 stitchs. >> and fixing this flag may be healing some hearts. >> it meant so much to me as a needleworker, as a mother of an american soldier who willingly volunteered his service and lost his life doing so. >> tonight on the rise of freedom, the true fabric of america. but first, from fox, on this fourth of july, the jury in the casey anthony trial spent nearly six hours considering her fate on their
on this wednesday. i'm jon scott. patti ann: and i'm patti ann brown in for jenna lee. we are here in the fox newsroom. "happening now" a congressional meeting is underway after a stung report that shows gape holes in our security. more than 25,000 pwraoeps have occurred at american airports since november of 2001. that is an average of about seven a day. this is despite billions of taxpayer dollars spent to beef up airport security. one lawmaker says dramatic new steps must be taken to keep us safe. doug mcelway is live on capitol hill with more on the story. >> reporter: so far the tsa has had very little chance to defend itself in this hearing. but it has taken no shortage of slings and arrows from congressional critics and the panelists. it has admitted to seven security breaches a day since 2001. among them 6,000 improperly screened passengers with carry ons. 2600 people gained access to sterile areas of airport. 1300 people gave access to airport perimeter perimeters ar. the tsa this is a tiny fraction of the thousands and thousands who use the airports. listen to the manager of the cha
, hope you're off to a good thursday, i'm jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scott, we're here in the fox newsroom, and "happening now," buying time on the debt crisis. the obama administration signaling it is open now to a short-term deal that would raise the debt ceiling. only, though, if congressional leaders can agree on a, quote, significant deficit reduction plan. the short-term deal would give congress time to pass a larger plan and avert possible government default august 2nd, but right now 12 days from that deadline, there is no deal on anything. jenna: ifs and maybes. in the meantime, fox news poll showing 60% of americans would vote against raising the debt limit. the showdown over the future of america's financial security come against, well, another reminder of the grim economic reality we're all facing. jon: those new weekly jobless claims just out today came out higher than expected, 418,000 americans filing for first-time unemployment benefits. wendall goler live at the white house right now, explain the president's offer for this short-term extension of the debt ceiling.
to you, post 4th of july holiday. i'm jon scott. patti ann: and i'm patti ann brown in for jenna lee. we are on verdict watch in the casey anthony murder trial. the jury deliberating for its first full day. the seven women and five men spent six hours discussing the case yesterday. jon: of course they are charged with deciding whether casey anthony, the woman you see there, killed her 2-year-old daughter, or if, as the defense claims, little caylee drowned in the family pool, an accident that snowballed out of control. phil keith live in orlando for us. casey anthony's attorney was not in court this morning. why, phil? >> we don't know. apparently jose baez was running a bit late, as all of the spectators were exiting the courtroom after the judge asked the jurors whether they had headed hiheeded his admonitionst discussed anything about this case after they were released from court last night at 6:00pm. everybody left, the jurors went back into the delib kraeugs room. then jose baez walked by, maybe they got caught in traffic or were taking care of something unrelated here. casey anthon
i'm jon scott. thanks for watching and we'll see you again next week. >> brett: the economic decline called the great recession begin in december of 2007. the recession ended in june 2009 yet americans are still struggling. unemployment hovers around 9%. hometown prices have cratered. it's hard to argue that anything that washington is doing is working. and consumer spending is the weakest in 20 months. so how do we get back on track? this hour, fox news reporting with ten ways to save the economy. we began with chief correspondent james rosen on restoring consumer confidence. >> y 2 k, the dawn of a new millennium and the peak of consumer confidence, the highest measurement of the crucial static since they first developed it back in 1967. >> we asked consumers various questions how they stand right now, how they think the economy going in the if out. >> he served as chairman of economic advisors under president clinton? >> if everybody is gloomy about the future the economy is likely to remain on a slow growth or even a sefx path. >> surveys found a confidence hitting a new
conservative magazine and kirsten power. i'm host jon scott. fox news watch is on right now. now. >> defaulting on our obligations is a reckless and irresponsibility outcome for this debate and the republican leaders say that they agree we must avoid default. but the new approach that speaker boehner unveiled today which would temporarily extend the debt ceiling in exchange for spending cuts would force us to once again face the threat of default just six months from now. in other words, it doesn't solve the problem. >> president obama in a prime time address monday night. that was a speech to the nation, usually, judy, when the president makes a prime time address, there is news to be made. you want to tell us that maybe, osama bin laden has been killed or something like that. was there any news? >> no, even chris mathews and joe scarboro on msnbc were noting, oh, by gosh, this was a scold lecture, saying something other than no, but the republicans were doing the same thing in all fairness. >> here is what michael gerson wrote in the washington post, a pelel address to the nature, involves th
for watching, everyone, "studio b" starts right now with jon scott. >> today the news begins anew, on "studio b" with the casey anthony murder trial back on after grinding to a halt this morning. the judge called for an indefinite recess so the defense could question some of the state rebuttal witnesses. we will bring you testimony throughout the hour. here to break it down is phil keating and legal analyst arthur aidala and criminal defense attorney randy zelin. plus we will hear from geraldo and jury consultant. but, first, a fox urgent. word of a bam -- baboon on the loose in new jersey, in central new jersey, halfway between new york and philadelphia. police say several people have called in since yesterday saying they saw the animal around their neighborhoods. a driver reported seeing the animal near interstate 95 and another woman called in to say a baboon was sitting other her back porch. authorities say the monkey may have escaped from a 6 flags park but the hand dealers say they cannot be sure because they don't count their baboons. animal control officers say anyone who sees the baboo
to you guys. jenna: hi, everybody, so glad you're joining us today, i'm jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scott. we are here in the fox newsroom and "happening now," brand new numbers in the race for the white house. "the wall street journal" poll shows tea party favorite michele bachmann is surging. jenna: she's not the national leader, though, that title goes to mitt romney. jon: he gets 30% of the republican voters surveyed who say they are likely to vote in the primary, but bachman has 16% in this poll, a strong showing compared with the 3% she had just a month ago. that was before she officially announced her presidential bid, but here's another interesting twist. take a look at that, texas governor rick perry who habit even decided on -- hasn't even decided on a white house run comes ahead of all the other announced candidates, he is in third at 11%. jenna: the gop hopefuls criss-cross iowa today gearing up for the all-important straw poll which can make or break a campaign. jon: and joining us now, chris stirewalt. straw polls, how much should we make of them, chris? >> it's a real big d
you're with us on this important day, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scott. doug mcelway is keeping an eye on these developments live on capitol hill. what's going on right now, doug? >> reporter: well, jon, this plans to be a very, very big day, indeed. one of our producers on the house side was just standing outside a republican caucus meeting, and one of the last things he heard was some voice, he doesn't know who, saying, all right, let's go out there and kick the blank out of them, that after speaker boehner admonished his caucus to get their as in line, rhyming with basses. beginning at 12:30 this afternoon, the first of debates and votes, the first on a rule itself. assuming that passes, it moves on to debate of the boehner bill. what are the chances of passage? we've got a graphic you should keep in mind as you watch the debate this afternoon. there are 240 republicans, boehner needs 217. he can only afford to lose 23, and if it passes the house, it's going to pass by a squeaky, close margin if it does at all. it faces a highly uncertain future in the senate,
pending cuts being talked about in washington. jon: scott rasmussen from rasmussen reports. those reports just out in the last hour or so. thank you. jenna: the president is also his party's candidate for the 2012 election. for any candidate as we know fundraising is key. just into our newsroom details on the president's fundraising plan. it includes a recently announced speaker series. mike emanuel is live at the white house to tell us more about that. what exactly is a speaker series and the reasons behind it? >> reporter: for $5,000 you get to attend five events with obama all-stars, insiders, if you will. for example this afternoon former white house chief of staff and current chicago mayor rahm emanuel is heading an even in new york series. that would be the first of five events that you could attend if you're willing to pony up $5,000. bottom line is, even if you're the incumbent president you need to raise a lot of money if you want to top what president obama did in 2008. here is one expert's take on this fundraising activity. >> a billion dollars is a lot of money even for a pres
minutes, checking in with jon scott. how are you doing. >> good morning to you, the debt drama intensified, as you heard from alisyn, still no deal as two leaders of opposing parties in both parties are work on plans to cut spending and raise the debt ceiling and the question is can anything get done by the august 2nd deadline and could the deadline even get moved? we'll talk with one of the u.s. senators involved the in the talks and also, another story out of d.c. that could impact you and maybe in a good way the faa has not had its funding reunused. could save you money on airline tickets. but, will it? and a horrific grizzly bear attack on teenagers and plus we are at risk from an oslo-style attack in the u.s., we'll explore the possibilities, ahead on happening now. bill: see you at the top of the hour, fox news learning harry reid called a special meeting of the caucus, democratic caucus, 6:00 tonight. to go over a $2.5 trillion deficit reduction plan. that has no revenue raisers, and also no cuts in health care related in entitlement programs and we talked to our producer, chris tur
sharpton? >> i don't think anybody does. he is the king of quid pro, quo. >> i'm jon scott. see you next week. >> john: it's not that people don't know. the battle is over all television. people know the president but do they know his opponent. >> you are spending more money than taking in you need to spend less of this. who is this guy? do you know who this is? yes, of course. >> john boehner. >> lots of people didn't know him. >> i don't know who that is. >> or anything about the debt problem zbloojtsd what is the debt limit. what are they fighting about? >> i don't know. >> okay, tonight we'll explained and we'll talk about the debt. it's into the hard. the debt and the stossel solution. that is our show tonight. >> john: look at that, they need more? if they don't get more money they won't be able to send social security checks and pay veterans' benefits our veterans deserve. really? isn't $2 trillion isn't enough? they can pay social security and medicare and the interest on the debt and still have hundreds of billions left over. two trillion is plenty. it's billions more than
for the panel. i'm jon scott. we'll see you next week. >>> our government is printing money like crazy and doing what with it? >> they do spend your money on things like a robot that folds laundry. shrimp running on treadmills and in my rich neighborhood. it's like politicians live in a car val game trying to get as much money as they can. politicians at the rated they spend, america will soon become like this country. people rio when politicians spend so much there is almost nothing left. >> when there is no more money, there is no more money. >> the unions elect people who give them money and if there is any left these lobbyists want it. >> funding for housing. >> american ford foundation. >> the politicians say no get boo'd. >> we've taken a scapel to the budget rather an machete. >> maybe we need to take one of these because we don't make big cuts. >> john: if you can't pay workers' salaries. what is our future going to be? cuts so draconian you need a chainsaw to make them or sweat shops. we have choices to make. >> john: our government keeps spending. we're already $14.5 trillion in debt b
and "studio b" with jon scott for shepard smith starts right now. >> thank you, this is "studio b" with box one, dangerously close to the end of the line on the nation's debt limit. lawmakers are scrambling to come up with an agreement. box two, polygamist cult leader warren jeffs breaking silence in court today. what he had to say. the soldier accused of planning an attack at ft. hood defiant in court and what he said about the alleged plot unless breaking news changes everything. but, first, from fox at 3:00, we are almost out of time from presbyterian today -- from president obama as the government inches closer to a default. the deadline for a deal is tuesday and lawmakers are in a political stand off over the details. and now a look at the house floor where the republican speaker, john boehner, is once again pushing for a vote on his plan. this after an embarrassing delay last night because the speaker could not get the needed support from his party. today? they try again. >> good moment of practical politics. we will get there. this is very important. >> democrats accuse the
you >>> and good morning to you on this thursday, i'm jon scott. and we welcome a familiar face to "happening now". alisyn: thank you, great to see you, great to work with you today, i'm alisyn camarota in for jenna lee, we're here in the fox news room for "happening now". casey anthony is not a free woman yet, the one-time accused child killer could walk out of jail two months from now, this comes after casey not a -- got a not guilty verdict and today she just learned her sentence on the lesser charges of lying to investigators. >> i sentence you to one year in the orange county jail, imposing a $1000 fine on each count, all four counts to run consecutive to each other, giving you credit for the time that you have previously served. >> file keating is live in orlando. has the court issued, phil, a specific timeline yet for when casey anthony does get out of jail -- get her get out of the jail card? >> the court has yet to do that. judge belvin perry did mention maybe in an hour or so he and the attorneys could come up with the right formula and factor in time served, but based
am i not surprised? i'm jon scott. it appears they are making precious little headway as the clock tick down toward a default deadline that is now eight days away. new hampshire senator kelly eye yacht that is a republican and is our guest right now. you are in favor of the cut, cap and balance legislation, correct? >> i am, jon, because the -- jon: and the u.s. senate has essentially said, we're not going to do that, we've put it on the table. is there any chance of getting that legislation off the table? >> well, we weren't given a full, robust debate in the senate on cut, cap and balance, and the plan makes sense. let's cut spending immediately, cap spending so we can get our fiscal house in order and balance our budget. so we didn't get a full debate on that. i'm still hopeful that plan will go forward. that said, you know, where's the president in all of this? cut, cap and balance was passed by the house to raise the debt ceiling with serious spending reforms, and apparently there was some kind of bipartisan deal worked out last night, and he's rejected that as well. so we nee
are watching that tropical storm brett, our second storm of the season jon scott. i think today should be national jump through the sprinkler day, because we are dealing with extreme heat across the midwest, the upper mississippi valley, and this heatwave could be actually worst than the last one. we are particularly concerned with the elderly, and the young ones, make sure that they are indoors, out of harm's way and in where it's cool in the air-conditioning. heat advisories again upper mississippi valley, midwest region, where heat indices, that means the actual temperature and the humidity combined is going to make it feel anywhere from 105 to 115 degrees, not only today but through much of the work week. so, again, it's not only the heat and the high temperatures, it's going to be the duration that it's going to last all week. these are your current temperatures, look 91 in demoine. 91 in minneapolis. look at the heat index what it feels like with the humidity outside. 102 in demoine. 105 in davenport. 104 in minneapolis. places that don't typically see this type of heat are going
on this historic friday. hello to you, i'm jon scott. thisthis is "happening now." patti ann: and i'm patti ann brown. happening now, tragedy at the texas rangers ballpark. a fan falls to his death trying to catch a foul ball tossed from the outfield. jon: it happened right in front of thousands of horrified onlookers including the man's young son. chris gutierrez live from dallas. what happened, chris? >> reporter: jon, you know, you've been to baseball games, you know how common it is for baseball players to pick up a ball and just toss it into the stands. well, that's what happened last night in the second inning of the texas rangers baseball game. josh hamilton, an outfielding for the texas rangers, scooped up a foul ball and tossed it to the fans, but that fan overstretched his bounds. he lost his balance, and he plunged head first some 20 feet below, jon. in fact, i'm told that when he landed, the paramedics say initially he was responsive, but he died on his way to the hospital, and texas rangers' gm and the ceo of the texas rangers, nolan ryan, said this last night. listen here. >> i th
'm jon scott. "happening now," capitol hill gridlock just days before a default deadline. right now there is no bipartisan teal on the table and no vote today on house speaker john boehner's plan to raise the debt ceiling. august 2nd is just six short days away, and that leaves the very real prospect of default or a credit downgrade. can washington make a deal? wendall goler, our senior thousands foreign affairs correspondent be live on the north lawn for us now. >> reporter: more tough news today from the congressional budget office which says both of the leading plans from republicans and democrats to cut the deficit and raise the debt ceiling fall short of what their authors claim. senate majority leader harry reid's plan would actually cut half a trillion less from the deficit than he says it would, house speaker john boehner's plan falls about $350 billion short. boehner has canceled plans for a vote on his proposal today and gone back to the drawing board, and since he has promised to cut the deficit more than he raises the debt ceiling, it may mean he'll shrink the size of th
. >>> and good thursday morning to you! i'm jon scott. and welcome to you! heather: nice to be here. i'm heather chilledders in for jenna lee, we are in the fox news room, "happening now". high drama over the debt showdown. we've been telling you about this, lawmakers, the president, getting ready to go back at it yet again, a new round of talks on the debt ceiling after what republican aides called the most intense meeting yet. jon: house majority cantor calling president obama agitated during the talks, the president said even ronald reagan wouldn't sit here, according to cantor, the president warned him, don't call my bluff, i'm going to the american people on this. heather: -- heather: then the two-hour sitdown t. just ended when cantor said he suggested a short month long increase in the debt ceiling and that's when he said the president stormed off saying enough is enough and now senate majority leader harry reid wearing in on the action and taking aim at the house majority leader. >> we had negotiations going on here in the room, and he walks out on the meetings, with the vice president o
folbaum in for jon scott. julie: i'm julie banderas, and "happen position now", we are awaiting a news conference from president obama, with time running out to reach a deal on the debt crisis, remember, that looming debt crisis will expire august 2nd, they need to come up with a solution. the shedown is now turning ugly after an emergency meeting on sunday, republicans, democrats and the president, still not seeing eye to eye, failing to break the deadlock could lead to catastrophe, rick. rick: mike emanuel is live at the white house. as we wait for the president, what are we expecting him to say? >> essentially to make the case that he needs a deal, he wants a deal, and he told both sides, both the house and senate, republicans and democrats last night when they left, to come back with an idea of what would pass their respective houses, and so we expect the president to set the stage, if you will, for today's meeting, which is set for 2:00, and to try to take his case right to the american people, to say you know, we need to get something done, august 2nd is coming. and we need basic
. good morning to you on this friday before the fourth of july, i'm jon scott. julie: i'm julie banderas in for jenna lee. we begin with another delay in the casey anthony murder trial. jon: judge belvin perry is calling an indefinite recess, the prosecution was planning to continue its rebuttal case by calling two witnesses to dispute defense testimony that medical examiners did a shoddy job with caylee anthony's autopsy. julie: defense attorney jose baez objecting, saying this wasn't included in any reports, the judge calling a recess to give them time to de pose the witnesses. jon: the prosecution was also planning on rebutting cindy anthony's testimony yesterday. you might remember casey's mother claimed she is the one who did internet searches for chlorophyll and chloroform on the anthony home computer, all this now is going to have to wait, judge perry saying he was going to give the attorneys tomorrow off to prepare closing arguments but now, they're going to have to work. phil keating live in orlando outside the courtroom. these new depositions, are they underway now, phil? >> re
: one of the big stories we will be following the next two hours, jon scott, standing by with a preview of "happening now". julie juliet: >> by the time we join you 12 minutes from now, 12 minutes will have ticked away, heading towards the debt limit and a tea party tempest as tea party backed republican freshmen get the run of the house. senator lindsey graham says this nation is becoming greece. he's our guest. and bret baier on winners and losers on this, and, baby it is hot outside! 17 states with extreme heat and the republican race for president could get hotter. governor rick perry may be getting closer to jumping into the race for the white house and is making those kind of noises, at least. we'll take a closer look at his prospects, coming up, happening now. jamie: thanks, jon. lots to cover? thanks, jamie. jamie: they grew up together and now, they plan to serve together, a set of quadruplets set to serve their country. what do their parents have to say about all of this. >> i don't know how we'll react. >> i'm so close to all four, so it is harder. it is harder for me to see
, are you going to get a deal? what is going to happen? we'll see, jon scott is waiting now, "happening now" rolls your way in 10 minutes. >> good morning, bill. there is no deal at least not yet. as the deadline quickly approaches to raise the debt ceiling or default. the congress seems locked in bipartisan gridlock and we'll talk with several prominent house members from both sides of the aisle where we stand and what happens fit doesn't get done and the discovery from the far side of the moon that has people talking. a recommendation to set aside half an hour a day, not for exercise or meditation or prayer, but for worrying. what is that all about? we'll explain. always go to and weigh in on the day's news and we'll see you in a few minutes. >> i'm stressed out already about the worrying. >> we're all worried about the debt ceiling thing. bill: it has been a big secrete in the casey anthony case and the judge made a decision about the juror that has many people shaking their heads. ♪ we believe doing the right thing never goes unnoticed. liberty mutual insuranc
bulbs. bill: "happening now" is in 11 minutes, rick folbaum is in for jon scott. rick: coming up on "happening now", the president as you've been saying getting set to speak to the country on the debt crisis in about ten minutes or so. we've got analysis with an all star lineup including bret baier out of washington and we want to hear from you. go to now, click on the america's asking tab and weigh in. also is the exclusion to cyber spying and crime a second internet? we'll have more on that idea. >>> and the story of the bible's bad guys, the historical facts that are being uncovered in the israeli desert, coming up at the top of the hour on "happening now". back to you guys. bill: we'll take that mystery right on, rick, thanks, see you soon. >>> getting breaking news right now out of damascus, we reported about an hour ago that the u.s. embassy had been surrounded by a mob for about three days, that mob broke into the embassy by use of a battering ram, they did not breach the husbanding complexity self, however, because u.s. marines on guard fought them b
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